Private health insurance and financial assistance

Usually the costs for psychotherapy conducted by licensed psychotherapists are covered by private health insurance or financial assistance. The precise extent of benefits, for example hours per year or the refundable amount, depends on individual contract terms. Therefore it is recommendable to inform yourself ahead of time in order to obtain any necessary forms and documentations as per your insurance agreement. Invoices are calculated on the basis of the fee-for-service scale of psychotherapists (GOP).

Public health insurance

Public health insurances do not cover the costs of psychotherapy in private practice.


It is also possible to receive private billing for psychotherapy. A 50-minute session is calculated based on the fees for psychotherapists. These are tax-deductible.

Employer’s liability insurance

The employer’s liability insurance refunds the costs of psychotherapy in cases of mental symptoms or disorders caused by an industrial accident, eg traumatization. Please consult your insurance for further information.

Coaching, psychological counseling and couple therapy

Coaching, psychological counseling and couple therapy are not covered by health insurance. These services are thus only available for self-payers. We can review expectable costs together.